When going gets tough…

Day #18 @Hospital | Day #38 @SinceFirstSymptom

Good morning beautiful people!

Thank you for being such a regular audience to my daily updates, rants, and musings. As I mentioned in my previous posts, compiling and publishing this daily update, has become sort of a therapeutic anchor for me. However, this sudden surge in the volume of responses and feedback that I have started to receive, from various different channels, that too from across the world, is something I really didn’t see coming!

It’s awfully heartwarming to see so many of you coming back here, to this freshly founded personal little space of mine, to listen to my daily stories, loaded with arbitrary medical jargon and trivial details from the proceedings of the previous day, and then so fondly following my journey live, engaging with it, and sending back so much love, support and prayers!

I must say, I am deeply touched. And, absolutely reinvigorated!

You all have filled me with fresh newfound strength and vigour, and hence, today, I wanted to take out this moment first, to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all of you out there, connected with me through this little vulnerable virtual personal space of mine.


Moving on, as far as yesterday was concerned, it was certainly not the best of the days.

Sometimes, it’s just plain bad luck.


  • I think I jinxed everything the moment I used the word ‘ritual’ in my post yesterday.

[CONTEXT: Among the rapidly improving pandemic situation here, the hospital is reclaiming as much space as they can, the moment an opportunity opens up, to minimise the isolated/quarantined Covid areas, and reinstating as many Non-Covid wards for business as usual, wherever possible. And hence, the moment, a floor has enough openings for a new batch of patients, patients from eligible areas are shifted there.]


  • My 24-Hour Heart Rate monitoring, unfortunately, got delayed to begin today, instead of yesterday, due to the aforementioned reasons.


  • I was deeply disappointed and noticeably infuriated, when I found myself, thoughtlessly placed, in a pigeon-hole of a room, just a few inches next to a male Patient Bed, with an absolute absence of privacy, and basic personal space.


Before concluding today’s post, I thought, I’ll try to quickly compile and share, what all I tried to do yesterday, and have been trying to do, in general, to navigate this chaos and uncertainty.


  • The moment I got to know about the possibility of incumbent chaos (Meenu Didi, whose PPE kit I had inked, specially came to give me an early intimation of the still unconfirmed news, as she was bummed that her kit might not look as pretty from next day onwards, and she might not see me there the next day), I took a very conscious decision, to start grounding my mental energy as much as possible, getting rid of any draining thoughts, and focusing as much as possible, to turn inwards and spend some quality time with self :)


  • Indian Classical Music has, thankfully, all that magic, that can instantly catalyze, such an immediate mental state transition, on such short notice.


  • When the outside atmosphere is so dynamic and unpredictable (and I guess this is true for our life, in general, as well), holding on to some of your own little personal constants, make a huge huge difference, in staying put through turbulence.
Morning Anchor. The tea and two biscuits.
  • Like opening that cute little personal hygiene kit box of mine, (that my sister had me set up), very religiously, right after finishing my breakfast, and peacefully following the same self-cleaning regime daily, without fail, at my own pace, way before the restless cleaning ladies storm the room, to conduct their methodical process of changing the patients’ sheets and clothes.

I frankly find it remarkably amazing, how such little things in life actually go a long way in helping us stay put when going gets tough


Signing off for today…
With patience, and love.

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