The Dark Knight: Day #7

Date: 17 May, 2021

Honestly, I thought I’d skip today’s edition entirely, but the very thought made me realize that I must :’) That’s exactly why I am do I’m doing this… right? To keep the spirits high, of myself and the ones around me, eagerly waiting for my madness to return.

As the cliché goes, the night is darkest before the dawn, and I believe I did witness the Dark Knight yesterday, so Mr. Don must be on his way along with the forces of 11 countries, to come get me home.



  • TLDR — we are investigating the goofups, and will make sure these lapses don’t happen again and my recovery is accelerated and not decelerated going forward. My special Investigation unit is at work. They will fix it.


  • Against all my expectations, when there’s absolutely very thin floor support on Sundays, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my doctor (a very senior one here) looking for me in this new ward, wandering and getting lost where is Chhavi. I gathered all my energy, filmy style and called back, here doctor here! It was so touching to see that fatherly figure, first time without his team, just having come there to check on me. He assured me, talked to me, prescribed an injection and then left with a smile.
  • Just when yesterday afternoon I was almost about to pass out, due to the ongoing chaos, having been left unattended, oxygen dropping 83–84, body shivering, my sister appeared just in time in front of my eyes and I almost felt no surprise and my words were “Aa gayi tu?” whereas it was a complete surprise. Dad her got her just in time, got her a pass, and she came in the PPE kit, mobilised nurses, fixed my oxygen, helped me get my long pending injection, caressed me with her soft gloved hands and pumped me back with new spirit. Just in time :’) And didn’t leave despite the guards yelling at her, unless she made sure I was fixed.
  • During this dark night, when I was in extreme discomfort, constantly Abhishek was with me to listen to my rant, my doubts, my discomfort and my queries which kept me from losing it, and kept me thinking straight and helped me get through the dark hours by coordinating everything from me, to staff, to family to friends.
  • And, and, and, there was this one very very beautiful, magical testimonial I received from my cousin during the night, reading which filled me up with so much awe, so much love, that I never knew I could have been so inspiring to someone. And, girl, you really inspired me to keep me going. I am going to properly get that written or may be self paint it and keep it for my future reference, so that I can do justice to what you think of me :’)
  • Mom Dad and family and friends ko to I’m not even touching because then it will become a long Oscar speech. Continuously everyone is working praying hard. I’m genuinely Starting to feel that I’m fine but why am I still being kept here ;) but well that will set off other bombs :D so I’m gonna listen to my doctor.


  • Overall, since last 2–3 hours, I think I’m feeling relatively easier in the chest while breathing.. slightly but noticeable. So yay!


PS: In case you cringe at the lame punny attempt of my dark Knight and Don/Dawn joke, my purpose is very well fulfilled. :D

Signing off for today.
Feeling better, stronger, hopeful, beautiful, and inspiring!

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