Only Highlights Today

S2E08–2 days to #chhabhi

Chhavi Agrawal
2 min readSep 7, 2021

Hello beautiful people :)

As the court-marriage is right around the corner, our home is full of celebratory vibes, and a lot of logistical chaos…

Hence, will not be able to write a detailed post again today, as I’d like to prioritize rest over this challenge. However, I will definitely share more thoughts, all the upcoming action, and our post-wedding plans (how to pull off the equal-treatment to both houses etc.) probably in a later post, when things will be a bit more settled.

However, for today, the post will more like a bulletin board, in the interest of time —

  • We started the day with a lazy, relaxed vibe, listening to dozens of old bollywood songs from 1950–60s.
  • I managed to squeeze in a nice 40min Hatha yoga session in between writing the vows, planning for packing, coordinating logistics and preparing for tailor’s home visit.
  • However, by the evening, my aunt (my mom’s eldest sister) and a few cousins dropped by our place today (last moment plan) and it really transformed the energy of our home beautifully! We all pranced around, dancing, singing and chit-chatting; mom showed everyone all the recently acquired items from our not so elaborate shopping sprees, us children practiced some dance steps for the reception, dad played some dholak, , and we all savoured some amazing food together.
  • My writer-poet cousin sister helped me finalize our vows, by doing a thorough proof-read of our draft, and my mom & my aunt together immensely helped me arrive at meaningful hindi translations of the vows as not all the audience on that day will be well-versed in English.
    All this was a huge help, and I feel so thankful to my family, in putting in so much effort into all this.
  • Thus, I and Abhishek finally finalized the vows today and forwarded them to the Conscious Connections team for their next steps, We will share those vows with you only after the ceremony is over :)
  • And, lastly, a major highlight — I picked up my Uke to sing-along for the first time since coming back from the hospital. The lungs are finally ready to sing, it seems… Here is a quick recording on Instagram.

FUN FACT — Abhishek loves to hear me sing, and in fact, music was one of the things we both connected on in the beginning…

Love ❤