My Last Sunday (as a bachelorette)

S2E06–5 days to #chhabhi

Chhavi Agrawal
2 min readSep 5, 2021

Hello Beautiful People :)

With less than 5 days left for our court-wedding, I wanted to give you a peek into what’s going on here in my home…

Unsurprisingly, right now, the energies of our home are brimming of excitement, vigor, and of course, chaos.


The day started with I and Abhishek going to get a few casual clicks done by my mama (my maternal uncle), who has a penchant for photography. [Well, it didn’t really turn out to be ‘casual’ in the end because of my candour being too dramatic, naturally].

We visited a not so crowded, spacious park (because, pandemic) to get those shots done. Till the time we returned to home, my energy meter, despite the hot & humid weather, had gotten fully charged up.


This was followed by mine & Abhi’s dance preparations (for the wedding reception) where a dancer friend of mine, took up the onerous task of choreographing a dance for us.

The choreography session and countless rehearsals (not really countless; just that I did not care to really count them) were well stuffed with a lot of food, goof-ups, laughter and some more food.

Though we are yet to properly practice those songs on our own, but overall it was an exhilirating experience today, because we created some beautiful cosy moments together, and now it doesn’t really matter how is the end result, as the aim is to not fret about putting up the ‘perfect’ show, but to thoroughly enjoy the process, which we certainly did.


Towards the tail end of the day, we worked some more on structuring our vows (they are finally getting into some shape), and ended the day with the exciting activity of planning for the “games night “ — what games to play, how to facilitate them, their logistics, etc.

Cannot reveal more than this in a public forum, as things are a intended to be a surprise for the attendees :P


Dance-Drama-Dedication(to plan for fun:P) — that’s how, my friends, I spent my last Sunday as a bachelorette. And, it was not too bad.


I am super excited to start this new chapter — to “break-free”, not “settle-down”

See you all tomorrow ❤