Day #25 @Hospital | Day #45 @SinceFirstSymptom

Good Morning Beautiful People :)

Wish me luck ❤

It’s going to be EVALUATION DAY today.

Doctors are going to assess my progress in detail, based on which they will provide me with an estimate of when can I go back.

I am so excited and pepped.

So today’s update is going to be super short and sweet.

Here you go.

  • Spent the night at @1LPM oxygen support. Hurray!
  • With the permission of the chest expert and the support of Safina Didi, I walked 4–5 steps yesterday. Yes, I walked after 25 days. It was indeed a big step (pun intended) in my path to recovery. The feeling was overwhelming (though I was shaking for the next 40mins, it was worth it).
  • All the major evaluative tests have been scheduled for today.
  • Blood samples have been drawn early this morning, Chest X-Ray scheduled for the afternoon.
  • Hence, the main updates will perhaps be here tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
  • I have had this habit of saving pretty little diaries forever, for something appropriate.
  • My sister sent this doodle diary (that she had got me on my birthday ~3 years ago), in the supplies bag a few days back, ordering me to at least open it up if not use it! And suggested that now might be a good time to may be use it too?
Finally unpacked this diary.
  • I hesitantly complied. And finally unpacked it after 3 years, and doodled it yesterday :)
  • Look Within. You’ll always know.
And, doodled.

I guess that will be all for today.
See you tomorrow, hopefully with some good news.


Love you all,



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