How did I spend the day before my wedding

Chhavi Agrawal
4 min readSep 8, 2021


S2E09–1 day to #chhabhi

Hello beautiful people ☺

I truly have no words today to do justice to my emotions right now. Love, gratitude, bliss, excitement… all these certainly capture the theme.

And, what’s even more beautiful is that, though only less than 12 hours are remaining for the wedding, I am feeling absolutely no stress, anxiety or nervousness of any sort. I never thought this is even possible… but alas, it’s Abhi-Magic.

(read till the end to know what’s that)

Before I proceed further, I want to pause and express my gratitude towards my family, friends and even acquaintances, who have been pouring so much love ever since I made this announcement.

I feel so touched when I see my family and relatives, these beautiful people, taking out time to join me in this journey, to celebrate together, and participate with so much enthusiasm. I feel really blessed and loved and cared for…

Today’s day was wonderful.

Despite the chaos among our family memebers regarding what’s happening what’s not, everyone is making this journey more and more memorable each day.

And today, was the BEST one.

The Morning

The day started with my bua (my dad’s sister) arriving along with her son and daughter-in-law to bless me with some Haldi & Mehendi as something new is about to start.

We had a lot of fun playing holi with haldi, dancing in full-madness, singing random songs, and clicking a lot of pictures.

The Afternoon

Spent the rest of the afternoon dancing with a friend and packing stuff for the upcoming few days (as we will be shifting to a neutral place for a few days right after the wedding), and for our trip to the naturopathy center.

The Evening

The packing was really draining but still had to complete it timely as Abhi had planned a stress-free, fun evening for us (Abhi, his brother Nayan, Nayan’s fiancé Sugandha, my sister Lipi, and her fiancé Vaibhav) at Mystery Rooms, Connaught Place.

The idea was to close the day doing something exciting together.

Though the day had been tight, I was certainly looking forward to that change.

We had the “Hangover” quest booked for the 6 of us — the synopsis being totally coherent with the wedding team (except for being hungover or drunk :D).

The task was to find a lost ring by solving a series of puzzles while being locked in a room, and figure out our exit, all within 60 minutes.

We were sort of all over the place in the beginning but slowly things started making sense and we started uncovering hidden clues.

The team work not only helped all of us come together as a family, but also catalysed the process of decoding that quest — it was amazing to see so many different perspectives in the room; each and everyone contributing in their unique way.

Though we did use all the four allotted hints, by 55th minute we had cracked the code of the final safe. As soon as I opened it, I saw the ring, and another key. I immediately shouted “yayy we found the key! Let’s take the ring and exit before time to win this thing"!

But, everyone was simply staring at me, blankly, with a deep confusing silence.

And, that’s when it struck me! This whole thing was a setup.

It was a proposal.

Abhishek came down on one knee and the time simply stopped for me!

I wish I could tell you the magnitude of this suprise, because he is certainly not the “proposing with a ring" kind of a guy, and hence, for a few minutes I couldn’t trust my senses. I was wondering “what did just happen?”

After recovering from this realisation and giving hum the tightest and longest hug ever, I finally got to know that he and Nayan had thought this entire idea through. Though the puzzles were real (no one knew any clues beforehand), but the ring at the end was real.

I also found a lot of gifts hidden all around the quest room.

Huge shout out to the Mystery Rooms team, who arranged for everything and even added their own quirks here and there. By the time we came out, they had decorated the place with balloons. Funny story — at one point in time, the TV screen in the room flashed, “everyone has to dance to get the next hint" and we really got the next hint only after each one of us had danced conspicuously.

I am truly speechless.

I’m just in a state of bliss.

Abhishek is a noble soul, full of love and compassion. May the Universe always bless him. I’m really lucky to have found a partner like him. Touch wood.

PS: I don’t have any pictures with me right now…will add those later.

PPS: Next post will now be after the wedding.

See you.

Love ❤