Beginning of a new season…

Hello Beautiful People!

Hola! I am back again to this virtual intimate space (that I had created to deal with the eerie solitutude & chaos of being in a covid-ward of a hospital during one of the peaks of the pandemic) to share yet another transformational phase of my life, in real-time, just like before…

Why? — Because, during my last writing stint here, not only did I receive some overwhelming responses from all over the world (asking about my well-being & expressing how ‘inspired’ they felt) but also found myself much more stable and structured from within. And, that is how my friends, I decided to return here with another season of the series — Life of Chhavi (lol!)

But first, health check (Ah! The nostalgia…)

Before delving into what brings me back here, first things first, just like the good-old-times, here are the health updates —

  • First; finally got vaccinated; both shots done. Yippie!
  • Second; last week my doctor discontinued all my meds. Yuhuu!
  • Third; yesterday finally resumed my workouts and did a 40 min dance session followed by a 40min yoga. Yayyie! And…Ouch! (my muscles ache but it feels so good!)
    [context: until a few weeks back, even standing still on my feet for more than 60s used to make me all wobbly and tired. Kudos to the resilience of human body]
  • Lastly; have been struggling a bit with mental health. Phew! (cannot believe I am sharing this, but again, this is my growth and contribution in de-stigmatizing mental health issues). Long term usage of corticosteroids & multiple episodes of long severe illnesses have already made me vulnerable to being more sensitive to even mild stress in life. Have already experienced 2–3 depression phases in the past two years and perhaps just dodged another. The best part is that now I am able to see the patterns early on, like withdrawing from the outside world, disconnecting from art & music, snapping unnecessarily at people, over sleeping, adhoc crying spells etc., and take timely measures to slowly come out of it (this post being one of those).

So, what’s going on?

I’m getting married!


And, no, I did not see that coming and if you have known me closely in the past few years, neither would you have. It had never been a 'given' in my case as I had been pretty vocal about my concerns and disappointments with how marriages are handled in our traditions, especially from the perspective of a woman.

The entire system has now mostly been reduced to satisfying social egos, assembly-line like ceremonies controlled solely by photographers, guests critiquing food or decor, families stressing over that perfect outfit, days and days of shopping, scripted sangeets, and never ending stress of managing an event of such scale. The meaning of the rituals and ceremonies have long been lost, or at least it seems so to me. At least, we should be given a choice, or a chance to question the relevance of these…

And, honestly I had never thought I’d find someone who’d resonate with my questions, understand my concerns and support me in my so-called ‘crazy' ideas.

Enter Abhishek. And, life became much simpler. I didn’t have to fight anymore. Marriage seemed like an option after all. In fact, a preferred choice for both of us.

And, we are so grateful to our families, to have succumbed to us 'oddballs’, and supporting us in the wedding we both wished for.

What’s next?

For the next 10 days (countdown to the court marriage), I’ll use this space to share how we are going to conduct our wedding, what were the elements we wanted to highlight and which ones we wanted to do away with and why.

Would love to have your blessings ☺

#chhabhi — 10 days to go

Disclaimer: I do not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments; if you believe in something you’ll most certainly do that and if I don’t believe in something, I will most certainly question that.




Artist. Singer. Storyteller.

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Chhavi Agrawal

Chhavi Agrawal

Artist. Singer. Storyteller.

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