S2E09–1 day to #chhabhi

I truly have no words today to do justice to my emotions right now. Love, gratitude, bliss, excitement… all these certainly capture the theme.

And, what’s even more beautiful is that, though only less than 12 hours are remaining for the wedding, I am feeling absolutely…

S2E08–2 days to #chhabhi

Hello beautiful people :)

As the court-marriage is right around the corner, our home is full of celebratory vibes, and a lot of logistical chaos…

Hence, will not be able to write a detailed post again today, as I’d like to prioritize rest over this challenge. However, I will definitely…

S2E07–4 days to #chhabhi

Hello Beautiful People :)

Today I will share a subject very close (or shall I say 'distant’) to my heart.


You all know that very well by now that there will be absolutely no “vidaai” or anything even remotely symbolizing the “giving away” of the bride at my wedding…

S2E06–5 days to #chhabhi

Hello Beautiful People :)

With less than 5 days left for our court-wedding, I wanted to give you a peek into what’s going on here in my home…

Unsurprisingly, right now, the energies of our home are brimming of excitement, vigor, and of course, chaos.


S2E05–6 days to #chhabhi

Hello Beautiful People :)

In the spirit of trying my best to keep the days leading to our wedding as stress-free as possible, I will be very honest today in accepting that I have absolutely no energy left to write a detailed post today.

Why? — Oh, because I danced…

S2E03- 8 days to #chhabhi

Hello beautiful people :)

Thank you for sending so much love and blessings our way. And, more importantly, thank you for sharing the experiences and struggles from your own time. Reading them really made me feel like I am not alone…

The initial driving force behind my starting this Season…

S2E02–9 Days to #chhabhi

Hello beautiful people ☺

With 9 days left to #chhabhi, today I am going to share with you what “wedding” means to us; not commenting on “marriage" as an institution, as that is a different discourse altogether, but only focusing on the “wedding day" for now.

But first, what did society teach us about weddings?

S2E01 — 10 days to #chhabhi

Hello Beautiful People!

Hello Beautiful People :)

So here is the last post of this series…

It has now been exactly a month (when I was hospitalised) that I established this vulnerable little virtual space — to share my stories, musings, struggles and updates, while being isolated in the hospital for the treatment…

Chhavi Agrawal

Artist. Singer. Storyteller.

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